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News on 2020-03-31

Pyrénées-Orientales: petition for a Green Way from Pollestres to Villeneuve lake

Departement: Pyrénées-Orientales Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
The inhabitants of the village of Pollestres (5000 inhabitants) have launched a petition to request the creation of a Green Way between their village and the lake of Villeneuve de la Raho where there is a large recreation and promenade base, only 3km away.
To go there today they have to cross the dangerous D900 and follow a road circulated.
The Green Lane of 3km requested will allow to reach the cycle path that goes from Villeneuve lake to Perpignan and, ultimately, to join the «Green Lane of the Agouille de la Mar» programmed by the Department between Villeneuve lake and St-Cyprien-beach.
AF3V supports this project and asks you to sign the petition here: Pétition
If the link does not work: type: Pollestres
See:Map of urban cycle tracks
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