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News on 2019-08-16

Lot-et-Garonne : the « Véloroute de la vallée du Dropt» inaugurated (90km)

Departement: Lot-et-Garonne Region: Aquitaine
The Department of Lot-et-Garonne opened in July 2019 a new 90km Véloroute that travels the north of the Department from West to East between Duras, near Sauveterre-de-Guiyenne on the Véloroute the Canal des Deux Mers by bike (V80), and Monsempron-Libos and Fumel, on the Véloroute Lot Valley by bike (V86).
It is a hilly route on roads little traveled, along the valley of the Dropt then the small valley of the Lède. You can visit castles (from Duras, Biron, Gavaudun, Monsempron), bastides with picturesque markets (Eymet, Castillonnès, Villeréal) and the town of Duras, which dominates the plain and becomes a crossroads of Véloroutes.
See AF3V web site: Véloroute Vallée du Dropt